Commercial Clients:

Sketchers, Vortexx, Food Network, TLC, HGTV, Chiller,  Discovery Network Shark Week, Nike Professional Training, Adidas Training Academy, Walgreens, Fidelity Investments, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet, Best Western, Danimals, State Farm, Mils, Colorado Lottery, Milk, Pontiac, Crest, Cingular, Cadillac, Dodge, Pontiac, Budweiser, Pringles, Crest,, Cingular, JB Robinson Jewelers, Kaye Jewelers, Kellogg's, Denny's, Nabi, Hungry Man, Nation Academy of Sports Medicine, Verb Yellowball, Google Glass, Brandman University, Dos Equis, Jack in the Box, Volkswagen, Nissan


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Production Companies:

Mocean, City of Angels, Pellinore, Curious, Park Pictures, Falk & Sun's, @Radical Media, Heist, Supply & Demand, Avalon, Hieroglyphic, HKM, Triage, IPS, Motion Theory, Ebling, Synergy, Straw Dogs, LMG, Headquarters, Believe, Engine Room, Longridge Productions, Basecamp Entertainment, AND Films, Twilight Bark, Pongo, 



         National Geographic;  "The Living Machine", FX;  Movie Download Season 1,  Disney; "Take 2 with      Phinneus and Ferb" Seasons 1&2,  Travel Channel; "Sandmasters" Season 1,  FOX; Fox Movie World  Premiere 2007-present,  StudioDC Disney; The Muppets,  Spike TV; "Gary The Rat", Fox; "The Fox NFL Show", Inside Edition, Dateline NBC, Country Music Television; Hot 20, 



         “The Good Humor Man” Feature Film Dir. Tenney Dennison, “Life Happens” Short Film Dir. Bryan Stratte,  “D-Minus” Short Film Dir. Rupert Sanders,  “The Book & the Rose” Academy Award Short Film finalist,  “Homeroom” Feature Film Dir. Paul Ryan,  “Still Life” Feature Film Dir. Sean Weber,  “Chat Room” Feature Film Dir. Brian Hooks